Comic Belief: Feel My Muscles

Women have seven stages of life: infant, little girl, miss, young woman, young woman, young woman, and young woman. And any woman knows that the seven stages of a man are: infant, little boy, little boy, little boy, little boy, little boy, and little boy.

Most smart women know that a man is just a 10-year-old boy all grown up. He still wants a woman to think he’s wonderful. A 10-year-old boy is outside doing flips on the jungle gym for his mom. He says, “Mom, look at me. Aren’t I strong? Feel my muscles.” She agrees, “You are so strong. You’re so wonderful.” He always performs for his mother, and his mother always encourages him. But then something strange happens when he turns 16 or 17 years old. His mother starts to see the negative. Instead of watching him perform, she focuses on the things he needs to improve. He says, “Feel my muscles.” And she responds with, “Clean up your room,” or “Make better grades.”

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