Comic Belief: More Power to You

When the Pope visited Colorado, he was anxious to get to an important meeting. The car assigned to pick him up arrived on time, and off they went. The driver knew that it was the Holy Father riding in the car, so he didn’t dare go over the speed limit. However, the Pope, anxious to get to the meeting on time, told the driver to pull over and get in the back seat and let him drive. The Holy Father put the pedal to the metal and traveled 85 mph on the Colorado interstate.

Almost immediately, a state trooper hiding off the side of the road turned on his siren and lights. Catching the speeding car, he ordered the driver to step out. He couldn’t believe what he saw and immediately called his captain. He said, “I really got a big one today.” The captain said, “You mean the district attorney?” “No sir, much bigger than that.” “You have a senator?” came the puzzled reply. “No sir, you don’t understand. This is the top of the line.” “Who do you have? The President?” “No sir, please understand me; this is something really big.” “For heaven’s sake, who have you pulled over?” “Well, Captain, I’m not sure, but the Pope is his chauffeur.”

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