Bunton’s poetry celebrates God’s presence in ordinary life

Patsy Bunton has released her second book of poetry, “Joy Comes in the Morning” (Courier Publishing, 422 pages, $19.95).

In “A Simple Life,” one of 365 poems from the collection, Bunton extolls “the morning sun, the dew on the ground, the beauty of creation we see all around.” From her appreciation for the fundamental gifts of life — and for life everlasting — Bunton draws the inspiration for her poetry.

Patsy Bunton

In this followup to her 2019 debut, “Morning Mercies,” Bunton shares poems that celebrate God’s love and abiding presence. Whether praising her creator for the rain that falls “like teardrops to the earth,” or experiencing God (“all that there is or ever is to be”) in the lifting of the fog, or even in serving up a lighthearted homage to family (“kinfolks are glad to see us come, but they’re glad to see us leave when all is said and done”), Bunton finds extraordinary meaning in the most ordinary moments of life — and thus connects squarely with her readers.

The poems collected in “Joy Comes in the Morning” can be used as part of a daily devotional time. “I pray that as you read, you will find in these words inspiration,” says Bunton, “and that you realize God deserves the glory for anything I write.”

Bunton, a native of Graniteville, lives with her husband on a small farm in Aiken County.

“Joy Comes in the Morning” is available from the author (call 803-507-4282) or through online booksellers, including BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com.