SCBC tightening budget with staff retirements, reductions

The South Carolina Baptist Convention has announce several staff retirements and position eliminations in preparation for an anticipated decreased budget projection for 2021.

Ron Barker, pastoral care specialist, Pam Cashatt, team assistant, and Jerry Sosebee, director of church strategies, will retire, effective Dec. 31, from the Church Strengthening/Discipleship Team. In addition, SCBC receptionist Barbara Hussman retired June 30.

Staff restructuring, which resulted in elimination of two positions, includes director of communications, Lara Gopp, and director of operations, John Watkins, both effective July 15.

“These are strategic decisions driven by internal shifts in responsibilities among current staff,” said SCBC Executive Director-Treasurer Gary Hollingsworth. “The timing of these decisions allows the greatest opportunity to be generous in terms of both time and financial separation.”

SCBC leaders also were notified of Aaron Langston’s resignation from the accounting team to pursue his education and other ministry opportunities.

There are no plans to replace the positions vacated by retirements or eliminations, Hollingsworth said.

“We will make internal shifts in assignments among current staff, which will allow us to continue to serve all our SCBC churches and ministry partners while also allowing us to be prepared for the anticipated budget reduction being considered by the Budget, Finance and Audit Committee,” he said. “Our team is working diligently to make sure we continue to provide the quality ministry and responsiveness the convention has come to expect.”

More details about the proposed 2021 convention budget will be brought at the upcoming meeting of the SCBC’s Executive Board meeting on Oct. 6.