‘Send Relief’ provides aid in pandemic

Unrelenting and indiscriminate, the COVID-19 pandemic has threatened the welfare of millions and has wreaked havoc on economic infrastructures worldwide. Countless families have lost work and income, making it next to impossible to acquire adequate food and daily supplies. Even in the world’s hardest-hit corners, the donations, prayers and support of Southern Baptists have delivered life-saving resources.

Since February, the International Mission Board and the North American Mission Board have been working together to combine compassion ministry efforts in North America and abroad under the umbrella of Send Relief.

As of June, Send Relief and its supporters had completed 56 projects in 16 countries, impacting nearly 90,000 people. These projects reached 848 communities and delivered food assistance to more than 65,000 people. Another 15,900 benefited from clean water provision or hygiene and sanitation training. This includes establishing handwashing stations, providing soap, and teaching how to maintain personal hygiene to prevent the spread of the virus.

These numbers were culled from completed projects and represent just the beginning of the impact Send Relief, through Southern Baptists, will make amid the global crisis.

“We currently have over 300 projects in total that have either been completed or are in process,” leaders said. “These projects span 78 countries and will potentially impact 900,000 individuals. While many of the countries in which we work are feeling the impact of this pandemic’s economic fallout, several of our projects focus on food relief. We project the distribution of over 39,000 food boxes or food packages.”

In North America, Send Relief has worked through its ministry centers and Southern Baptist church partners to distribute tens of thousands of N-95 face masks and protective clothing to medical workers and first responders. Send Relief has also provided sanitation supplies and more than 250,000 meals across North America.