New study Bible takes readers on Holy Land journey

Millions of Christians read the Bible each day, but few have a full grasp of the historical, cultural and geographical context of what they read. The new Holy Land Illustrated Bible from LifeWay Christian Resources aims to change that.

The latest study tool to feature the text of the Christian Standard Bible, the Holy Land Illustrated Bible is the result of a two-year editorial process, but an even longer period of collecting the more than 1,000 photos displayed throughout the resource. “The high-quality photos and historical/archaeological content collected for the Bible was the result of more than two decades of research and effort,” said Andy McLean, director for Bibles and References at LifeWay.

In addition to the photography, the Bible includes maps and illustrations to provide greater insight and understanding of the people, places and objects of Scripture. Editors also included 275 full-length commentary articles and more than 40 “Digging Deeper” callouts placed throughout the text.