American Sign Language Bible translation completed after 38 years

After 38 years, the work of 53 translators is complete — a translation of the whole Bible into American Sign Language. The ASL Version (ASLV) project, led by Deaf Missions, marks the first time the Deaf community has access to the entire Bible in ASL.

The project began in 1982 when Deaf Missions founder Duane King began asking why Deaf people did not have access to the Bible in their heart language. The New Testament portion of the Bible was completed in 2004.

“God answered the faithful prayers of His people, encouraged us through the generous provision of Deaf Missions supporters and funding partners, blessed us with 53 diligent translators and helped us persevere each step of the way,” Deaf Missions CEO Chad Entinger said in written comments.

The ASLV, a series of videos, can be accessed on the Deaf Missions website and the Deaf Missions Video App. The ASLV will serve as a launching pad for the development of other sign language translations.