Comic Belief: The Battleground

It is encouraging to have a wife who is on your team instead of on your back when times get tough. When Job had all of his problems, his wife supported him by saying, “Curse God and die.” How would you like to be married to Mrs. Job? What happened to that relationship? I believe it is the same thing that happens in today’s marriages. Couples assume that once they have children, if they invest in their family, it is the same as making an investment in marriage. But it is not.

Many families are like Job’s. When the crisis hits, they discover they no longer have a good relationship. When does life begin? When the kids leave home and the dog dies. The empty nest can be the best time of your relationship. Unfortunately, many couples are making investments in the family and not the husband-wife relationship, while expecting the same dividends they once experienced in their marriage.

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