Editor’s Word: Can We Get an Amen?

The new year has bolted onto the scene with a sobering and upsetting reality as protestors swarmed our nation’s capital and violently forced themselves inside. The breech of the Capitol building was a horrendous and destructive act that sent a terrible message to the world.

Then, the House of Representatives voted to use gender-free language in its chamber rules. This means that words like husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter would be replaced with spouse or child. Franklin Graham responded to this debacle by referring to Genesis 1:27, which says, “And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created Him, male and female He created them.” Graham stated that the move to exclude gender specific language “is shaking a fist in the Creator’s face, trying to deny His authority. If those claiming the name ‘progressive’ are allowed to have their way, we won’t even recognize this nation in a very short time.”

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