Altered For Pandemic, Crossover Will Precede Nashville SBC Meeting

For more than 30 years Southern Baptists have focused on working together to serve and reach those in the host city of the SBC annual meeting through an evangelism emphasis called Crossover.

This year’s approach in Nashville will differ from previous years, but Southern Baptists are cooperating to help churches in Middle Tennessee minister to their communities.

“Crossover will continue its legacy of pushing back spiritual darkness in the SBC host city — which is, this year, the great city of Nashville,” said Randy Davis, executive director of the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board.

“Crossover will be two days when local Middle Tennessee churches will intentionally engage their communities in various ways, actually putting the ‘gospel above all.’”

In a typical year for Crossover, mission teams and churches from across the nation are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of outreach efforts, but concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic led the TBMB and the North American Mission Board to focus primarily on aiding churches in and around Nashville to reach out to their communities.

Nashville-area churches are being encouraged to conduct a special outreach event on Saturday, June 12, to invite neighbors to church, and then follow it up the next day, Sunday, June 13, with a Who’s Your One emphasis where churches across Middle Tennessee present the gospel clearly and invite people to respond during their Sunday services.

“We are working diligently to see that Crossover will be a success even in the midst of a pandemic,” said Roc Collins, director of evangelism at the TBMB.