Editor’s Word: We Need Godly Fathers

The absence of fathers in homes has a powerful and damaging impact, while the active involvement of fathers with their children is positively related to good outcomes for kids that helps them throughout life. We need fathers who are physically present in the home, emotionally involved with their children, and spiritually strong in the Christian faith. We need godly fathers in this country now more than ever.

Through the efforts of organized liberal forces, parents face a tremendous challenge in raising their children in this powerful and growing atmosphere of wickedness. The invasion into our homes by misinformed government powers or the immoral values of culture warriors puts us in a position where we cannot afford to ignore what is happening. Our homes are under attack. In fact, the fundamental idea of a man and a woman marrying and having children is scorned by far too many in this culture. Many evil and insidious dangers face our kids and grandkids. They deserve parents, especially dads, who will stand in the truth and model before their kids character, truth and devotion. They need protectors, not compromisers!

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