Legislative Update: 2021 SC Legislative Session

Thursday, May 13, marked the official end of the 2021 South Carolina Legislative session. State lawmakers will return to Columbia later to wrap up final approval of the budget, deal with any vetoes issued by the Governor, and work through redistricting when the census information is released at the federal level; however, work on bills making their way through the process will be halted until January of 2022. Since 2021 is the first year of a two-year legislative session, the adjournment of the 2021 session is often referred to as “halftime.” Bills that are in process can be brought before the legislature for consideration beginning in January of 2022. During the months between now and then, it is likely some standing committees will conduct or complete public hearings so bills to be considered in January will be ready for a committee vote before being rejected or proceeding to the floor.

Bills that were of particular interest this session include Hate Crimes (H3620), Medical Marijuana (also known as the “Compassionate Care Act,” S150), the Save Women’s Sports Act (S531), the Open Carry with Training Act (H3094), the SC Religious Freedom Act (H3105) and the REACH Act (S38). Let’s take a look at where they stand:

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