Comic Belief: The Greatest Love

Most of life is about relationships. In my practice, I spent many hours in marriage counseling. It always surprised me that people paid good money to fight over things that really didn’t matter. I felt more like a referee than a psychologist.

Relationships are difficult, especially for men. Last year, my wife said she wanted to go somewhere she has never been before. I took her to the kitchen. She took me to the guest bedroom. Of course, men can always find a guy worse than they are. One man forgot Valentine’s Day, and his wife was quite angry. She told him that the next morning she better find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 175 in six seconds. The next morning, there was a big gift-wrapped box in the driveway. She ran outside and brought the gift into the house. Upon opening it, she found a brand-new bathroom scale.

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