Letter to the Editor: Reader appreciative of pro-life story

Thank you for your article, “A Life Conceived Through Rape Is Still Worth Saving.” It really describes my life also.

I was born in Penn Yan, N.Y. My birth mother was also raped. When she found out she was pregnant, she tried to commit suicide and she wanted an abortion, but God had other plans — He saved my life. When I was born, she was told that I died. I am so thankful God saved me. If He had not, I would never have been a daughter for my adopted parents, I would never have been a sister (after my parents adopted me, two years later they had my sister; 14 months later, another sister; and five years later, my brother — look what I started!). I would not have been a wife, mother, grandmother or Sunday school teacher. I would not have been able to give devotions to my grandson’s baseball team. I would not have had a life; there would be no memories of me.

I pray for those women who think they have no other choice. Yes, you do. God has a plan for these unborn babies. He wants them to live. He has a life for them.

— Elsa McInville, Florence