Buck Creek Baptists Celebrating 200 Years of Ministry

Buck Creek Baptist Church in Longs recently celebrated a series of events commemorating its bicentennial year.

The church was organized in 1821 under a brush arbor and later occupied a log structure on the east side of Buck Creek. By 1850, a building was constructed on the west side of the creek. Growth has continued on that site through the years, leading to the current sanctuary with attached educational building, which also includes a clothes closet. The church building is flanked by a fellowship hall and a former pastorium, which has been renovated for the church’s storehouse ministry that distributes food weekly.

The church celebrated its 200th year with special services and activities throughout 2021. A bicentennial celebration on March 27, 2022, featured recognition of former pastors — some of whom were in attendance, and some of whom sent letters and videos of congratulations. Speakers, musicians, singers, and presenters throughout the Sunday service included current and former members representing all age groups in the church, ranging from preschool to one of the oldest members, who at age 92 has been part of the church all of his life. During the service, an announcement was made that the church will soon receive a commemorative sign acknowledging its 200 years from the Horry County Historical Society.

Larry Allen, who has been at Buck Creek since 2004, is the current pastor. Under his leadership, the church has grown in numbers and ministries, including annual mission trips. In the words of one former pastor, “Buck Creek is neither the product of a single mind nor the reflection of one generation. It is a myriad collection of many people working together to honor the Lord. God’s Spirit has moved, and is moving, among us … . Let us move into tomorrow with confidence, unity and dedication, so that our image in the world shall be a clear and decisive Christian witness.”