President’s Perspective: Balanced Leadership in a Day of Extremes

Warren Bennis once said, “Leadership is like beauty. It’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it.” Sadly, good leaders are seldom seen these days. From politics to pulpits and everywhere in between, we are in a leadership crisis. There is no shortage of people willing to lead, nor is there a lack of available positions of influence. Yet everything is out of balance. Rapid cultural change and uncertainty have led to a scattering of Christian leaders across a landscape of opposing extremes.

In volatile circumstances, leaders often feel obligated to do something (anything) fast, but wisdom is often found in slowing down to make sure you’re making the best decision. While many people react to chaos by choosing the decision that’s easiest in the short-term, wise Christian leaders respond to challenges by patiently observing the landscape and moving forward with the entire journey in mind.

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