Become a ‘Friend of The Courier’

Baptist Courier editor Rudy Gray invites you and many more individuals to consider becoming “Friends of The Courier,” which he describes as “a movement of Baptists who desire to help The Courier stay viable and financially stable through their influence, contributions and prayers.”

“We are so grateful for this network of people who support The Courier,” he said. “Our goal is to inspire and inform South Carolina Baptists by building on a great history and by adapting in order to be a relevant publication for the future.

Friends of the Courier“Through creative design and top-quality, Christ-honoring content, we are striving to be an important tool for inspiration and help — to Baptists in particular and to Bible-believing evangelicals in general. We want to be a blessing to our churches.”

Even with today’s financial challenges, The Courier staff has been diligent in developing new and innovative methods of “sharing the story of those who tell the gospel story,” Gray said. He pointed to an award-winning monthly magazine, a regularly updated website with mobile adaptability, the launch of Courier Publishing, a book-publishing venture that enables authors to place their books before thousands of potential readers, Courier Tours, educational and religiously oriented trips to domestic and international sites hosted by Courier staff, and Courier Videos, featuring interviews and video reporting from the field.

“The Courier has always had a direct relationship with its readers, and we are committed to strengthening that,” Gray said. “Through ‘Friends of The Courier,’ we hope those same readers who recognize the unique value of Christian publishing in our world today will consider becoming our prayer and financial partners” as The Courier expands its ministry endeavors.

For information about “Friends of The Courier,” call 1-888-667-4693, email, or write to: Editor, The Baptist Courier, 100 Manly St., Greenville, S.C., 29601.