Comic Belief: Rumination, Meditation and Renewal

The Bible teaches that we must continually renew our minds. Otherwise we drift in our thinking and eventually our living. We must be in a constant state of renewal. That usually involves getting away from our daily lives to think about how we live. We must evaluate where we are going.

When our outside actions differ from our inside feelings, we are out of congruence. We are headed for trouble. When we pile and pile bricks onto a wheelbarrow, it topples. As we continue to stuff and stuff our emotions, we fill the wheelbarrow to overflowing. What happens when the last brick is added? It can be just a simple comment by another, or a small annoyance, but it causes the wheelbarrow to collapse from the weight! AAAAGGGGH — we explode! Your husband, wife, kids look on in wonder — they were the last brick.

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