Legislative Update: Legislature nears end of session

If politics in South Carolina were a football game, we would be in the fourth quarter. The House and Senate convened Jan. 11, and they are scheduled to adjourn June 15. At this writing, the House was taking the week off for spring break, and the Senate had adjourned to focus on committee work related to the budget. Both reconvened on April 19. There are several important pieces of legislation in process that have a chance to pass before adjournment.

The House began debate on S150 — the Compassionate Care Act (medical marijuana) — on April 19. The debate was expected to be long, with as many as 1,000 amendments to be considered. It’s possible the legislative clock could run out before there is a vote on the bill. If that happens, the bill fails, and proponents will have to present the bill again when the 2023 session begins. If the bill is amended, it will need to go back to the Senate, where an agreement would have to be reached on the amended language.

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