Comic Belief: The Master’s Swing

Recently I played an exclusive golf course that provided caddies. Normally, I prefer carts to caddies because carts cannot keep score, snicker, or laugh. I can explain my golf swing in baseball terms. It is a cross between a screwball and a change up. It is a screw-up. It made my relationship with the caddie interesting. I told him to stop checking his watch because it was distracting me. He replied that it was a compass, not a watch. I retorted that this was the worst course I had ever played, and he exclaimed that he didn’t know where we were because we had left the course an hour ago. I quit talking to my caddie and turned to my pastor friend and asked him if he thought it was a sin to play golf on Sunday. He told me that the way I played, it was a sin on any day.

I can’t play golf, but Tiger Woods can. I was in the gallery when Tiger Woods won his first Masters Tournament. He didn’t just win; he destroyed the competition. After the Masters, he did what they call in 12-Step terminology a “personal inventory.” Tiger watched himself on video and determined that to reach the next level and continue to win major championships, he had to completely reconstruct his swing. He said he had a flaw that needed to be corrected. He hired a coach, and they reconstructed his swing.

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