Southern Baptist chaplain inducted into Army Ranger hall of fame

As he held the remote for the Claymore mine, Pat Hash started to grow concerned. The target had not arrived on schedule, and the ambush could be impacted by the delay. Thankfully, however, this was a training exercise for students in the U.S. Army’s Ranger School and not live combat.

Hash had an experience with God as he waited there for nearly an hour. God’s call came as he prayed in the north Georgia mountains during that 1975 training exercise. Almost 50 years later, that calling led to his becoming the third Southern Baptist chaplain to be inducted into the Army Rangers Hall of Fame on July 13, 2022, during a ceremony at Fort Benning.

The induction came after 37 years of service in the Army, nine years in the infantry and 28 as a chaplain. He retired as a colonel, serving his last assignment as the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Chaplain. The honor is bestowed upon inductees by a board that’s made up primarily of their peers, a group of retired and active Rangers. The Hall of Fame is comprised of fewer than 200 Rangers.