‘Princess Blossom’ is a tale of love and acceptance, author says

Courier Publishing is pleased to introduce “Princess Blossom and the Miraculous Cape” (42 pages, hardcover, $19.95), written by Mayna Cosby and illustrated by Shaina Manuel.

Mayna Cosby

Princess Blossom, although deeply loved by her father, the king, is lonely after the death of her mother. She finds solace and companionship in a golden hare, a silver fox and a green dragon, only to lose each friend in turn when her father intervenes. Finally, with the assistance of a chatty spider who weaves her a magic cape, the princess is transported to a nearby village, where she has a life-altering encounter with the poor but generous children who live there.

A lifelong South Carolinian, Cosby graduated from Erskine College and earned a master’s degree in teaching from The Citadel. She taught for many years, ending her career at Lambs Elementary School in Charleston. She is a member of Charleston Southern University’s Legacy Society and provides annual scholarships for needy Christian students. She is the author of two previous books, “Granny Rabbit’s Gooseberry Pie: Stories and Poems,” and “All About the Miracles: A Book of Poems and Other Contemplations on God’s Holy Word.”

“Princess Blossom and the Miraculous Cape” is available at online booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.