Comic Belief: ‘Thanks Living’ Melody

Emotions are a gift from God. Jesus was glad when the little children were brought to Him. He was sad when He stood at the tomb of Lazarus. He was angry when He drove the moneychangers from the Temple. Like other emotions, anger is an emotion we all feel. Have you been angry this week? It isn’t whether we get angry; it is how we handle the anger. When your temper gets the best of you, people see the worst in you! Anger is the wind that blows out the lamp of the mind. We forget what we are doing and say and do things we shouldn’t.

The Arizona Republic reported that when Steve Tran of Westminster, Calif., closed the door on 25 activated bug bombs, he thought he had seen the last of the cockroaches that shared his apartment. When the spray reached the pilot light of the stove, it ignited, blasted his screen door across the street, broke all of his windows and set his furniture ablaze. “I really wanted to kill all of them,” he said. “I thought if I used a lot more, it would last longer.” According to the label, just two canisters of the fumigant would have solved Tran’s roach problem. The blast caused over $10,000 damage to his apartment building. Tran also reported that by Sunday he saw the cockroaches walking around.

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