Legislative Update: The Church Must Re-Engage in the Battle for Life

According to geologists, an earthquake is the result of the shifting of tectonic plates underneath the earth’s surface. These plates of rock usually move slowly, unnoticed by us because they cause little more than a ripple of the earth’s surface. But occasionally, they move more abruptly, releasing a large amount of energy that surges through the ground — causing the earth to shake and sometimes rearranging the foundation on which we stand. When you consider the fact South Carolina is home to the most seismic activity in the Southeast (a record 68 registered earthquakes so far in 2022), chances are, like Carole King, you have felt the earth move under your feet.

A cultural earthquake happens when the collective values of those who live in the culture move suddenly, causing a realignment of our moral foundation. Culture-wide value realignment usually moves slowly, taking generations to bring about noticeable change. But as we get closer to the second coming of Christ, the Church is having to deal with wave after wave of cultural transformation brought about by seismic shifts in the collective values of our culture. Earlier this year, after almost 50 years of federally imposed carnage, Roe v. Wade was overturned by the United States Supreme Court. That decision set off a series of cultural earthquakes that are still shaking our institutions, both reshaping and revealing the values that serve as the foundation of our culture.

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