Southern Baptist Disaster Relief receives $400,000 from State of Florida

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief has been awarded $400,000 in funding from the Florida Disaster Fund to help the state’s residents with relief efforts following Hurricane Ian’s landfall in southwest Florida Sept. 28.

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis announced in an October press conference that SBDR is one of several nonprofit organizations to receive the funding as hurricane relief efforts are ongoing in the state.

David Coggins, director of Florida Baptist Disaster Relief, expressed appreciation for the funding.

“This gift is a very generous gift and [a] recognition from the first lady’s office of the value that Florida Baptist Disaster Relief and the larger community of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief bring to the state’s efforts to bring help to the citizens of Florida in times of crisis such as these,” he said.

DeSantis recounted her own experience walking alongside an SBDR group, representing several state conventions, helping with hurricane relief efforts.

“To watch your operation in action, to see them getting meals, putting them together, going into the neighborhoods,” she said. “You had a laundry center where people could wash their clothes. You guys have thought of everything. And to see that you’re coming from so far away to help folks in need and the smiles you put on people’s faces when they saw you coming with your arms wide open and food and other supplies was really something to see.”