Comic Belief: Roosters and Family Secrets

Dysfunction from generation to generation is usually fueled by family secrets. Our secrets can become our sickness. Some are trivial. I asked a friend why he was getting married. He told me that he was tired of holding in his stomach. His new wife may find that her prize package is a surprise package. I have discovered that many times in life the difference between happiness and unhappiness is whether you cover up or speak up.

A little boy and his sister spent the summers with their grandmother. They loved to go to Grandma’s, whose home had open fields to roam and play and delicious homemade biscuits. You know, that generation of grandmas who cooked biscuits. This generation’s grandmas make reservations. Billy’s birthday had brought a brand-new slingshot, and he couldn’t wait to get to the country to practice shooting trees and cans with that slingshot. Billy was practicing one day, and Grandma’s prize rooster just pranced by. Billy wondered how closely he could get to Grandma’s rooster with his slingshot. He pulled that sling back and aimed just above the rooster’s head — but as soon as the rock left the slingshot, he knew that it would hit the rooster. He had killed Grandma’s prize rooster. He quickly buried the rooster in the far back section of the farm. Just as he was finishing, a sweet voice said, “You’ve killed the rooster!” Looking up, he begged his sister to keep his secret!

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