Legislative Update: What do Chinese surveillance balloons have to do with culture?

OK … now that I have your attention, let me tell you what is going on at the Statehouse before I dive into explaining my headline. Early in February, the South Carolina Senate passed an updated version of the Heartbeat Bill that would protect life once a heartbeat is detected. The bill contains several exceptions, including life of the mother, rape and incest, and fatal fetal anomaly (not birth defects, but a fatal anomaly that would prevent the baby from living outside the womb).

This bill does not have a reasonable chance of passing in the House. The South Carolina House is focused on H3447, the Human Life Protection Act. This bill would ban abortion beginning at conception. The current version that is in the House, which is literally being debated as I write this column, is likely to pass and head to the Senate. The chances of passage in the Senate are not good, but multiple grassroots groups will be putting pressure on the Senate to send it on to the Governor.

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