Playful pup delights family in ‘Beautiful Bella’

Meet Beautiful Bella, a beloved eight-year-old Boxer thought to be past the age when she could give birth. But along comes a delightful surprise: Duke, a rambunctious pup who changes Bella’s world — and that of her masters — for the better.

In “Beautiful Bella and Her Mini-Me” (Courier Publishing, 32 pages, $11.95) Marion Harley invites the reader into her home for an intimate look at Duke’s first nine weeks of life, including photos that chart his growth and development. Follow along as Duke establishes his place among the Harleys’ other pets and as he prepares to say goodbye to his birth home and deliver happiness to family far away.

Harley is a retired elementary school assistant principal. Before becoming an educator, she worked for the federal government in the General Accounting Office.

She is the author and illustrator of a previous book: “Gorgeous Gigi: A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,” and her poetry has appeared in Rhyme Time and the Aiken Standard.

She lives in Aiken County, S.C., with her husband and enjoys the time she spends with her dogs, her family, and her friends.

“Beautiful Bella and Her Mini-Me” is available online wherever books are sold.