Mission:Dignity recipients in South Carolina to receive 13th check in 2023

Mission:Dignity recipients in South Carolina will receive an extra check — a 13th check — in 2023, thanks to generous donors creating an endowment at the Baptist Foundation of South Carolina that partners with churches in the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

South Carolina launched the 13th check gifts in 2020. This will be the fourth consecutive year South Carolina will join GuideStone to provide an extra honorarium to Mission:Dignity recipients within their state.

“South Carolina Baptists believe in the value of every life,” said Tony Wolfe, executive director-treasurer of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. “We especially thank God for the faithful servant leaders — pastors and wives — who have invested their lives in local churches for decades, completely depending on the Lord to provide their needs in every season. They are worthy of double honor. The blessing is ours to have provided a 13th check to South Carolina Mission:Dignity recipients again this year.”

In 2022, Mission:Dignity assisted more than 2,800 individuals with extra money needed for housing, food and vital medications. It also ensures a well-deserved dignity, independence and, often, the ability to continue serving the Lord. Last year in South Carolina, 87 pastors and their wives, or widows, were served through Mission:Dignity.