New NAMB evangelism kit to help pastors create culture of evangelism

The evangelism team at the North American Mission Board has announced the development of a new resource designed to help pastors create a culture of evangelism.

“This new kit is designed to assist pastors and ministry leaders in creating a lasting evangelistic culture in their churches,” said Tim Dowdy, vice president of evangelism at NAMB. “The kit isn’t a campaign with a beginning and an end; rather, it is focused on key elements for developing an evangelistic culture so that the DNA of the church is continuously centered on making disciples and fulfilling the Great Commission.”

The first NAMB Evangelism Kit a church orders will be free of charge and can be preordered through They will be shipped mid-August. Pastors can preview the kit now, with a virtual course related to the NAMB Evangelism Kit available online at the same website.

Within the kit is a cyclical, four-step process — examine, embrace, engage and encourage — and includes videos and assessments that enable a pastor to evaluate whether and how they are prioritizing evangelism personally and corporately.

“Once a church walks through these four steps, the idea is that the cycle restarts,” said Dowdy, “and a church is perpetually going through the cycle — examine, embrace, engage and encourage — until evangelism is ingrained in the life of the pastor and the church.”