New and Noteworthy Books: August 2023

Timothy Keller: His Spiritual and Intellectual Formation
(Zondervan) by Collin Hansen

Millions have read books and listened to sermons by Timothy Keller. But which people and what events shaped his own thinking and spiritual growth? Collin Hansen interviewed dozens of Keller’s family members, friends, and associates and spent many hours interviewing the man himself, giving this biography a deeply personal feel.

Hansen’s approach to Keller’s story is unique: Readers will learn much about Keller through his spiritual and intellectual influences, from the woman who taught him how to read the Bible to the professor who taught him to preach Jesus from every text to the philosopher who taught him to see beneath society’s surface. Hansen’s biography is timely as Keller went home to be with the Lord in May after a battle with cancer.

She is She
(Bara Publishing) by Bethany and Ryan Bomberger

This children’s book (ages 8 and under) uses rhyming prose to explore the concept of gender identity, teaching young minds God’s truth that He made them male and female and countering the wicked cultural agenda of social radicals who wish to redefine gender.

“She is she. She is not he. She is not we. She is she … When your identity is rooted in Christ, it won’t be uprooted by everything else.” As unthinkable as it might have seemed just a few years ago, this book is needed to lash children to the truths of God’s Word and to expose the satanic lies of those who seem to be confused over pronouns.

All That Jesus Commanded: The Christian Life according to the Gospels
(Crossway) by John Piper

Every Christian is called to be sanctified — that is, conformed more and more over the span of a life into the image of Jesus Christ. Our Lord did not leave us in the dark as to how that is to take place; He gave commands, many of them, during His time on earth, and Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John recorded them.

Piper’s book takes the reader through our Jesus’s commands in 50 brief chapters. The author explains their context and winsomely (in the manner of Jesus) helps believers understand the demands of Christian life and how it is to be lived in the full-court-press of everyday life for His glory.


The Shepherd’s Toolbox: Advancing Your Church’s Shepherding Ministry
(P&R) by Timothy Z. Witmer

Witmer gathers seven church leaders to show how they and their churches have addressed specific shepherding challenges in innovative ways. He helps answer many difficult but practical shepherding/discipleship questions: How do you adapt a shepherding plan to a large congregation? How do you fine-tune or revise plans that aren’t working? How do pastors get reluctant elders on board? How do male leaders make sure the women of the congregation are receiving adequate care? There are many more.

This book serves as a follow-up to his excellent (and highly recommended) 2010 book, “The Shepherd Leader: Achieving Effective Shepherding in Your Church” (P&R).