Grace and Truth: Courier Theme Issue No. 1 — Confessions

Welcome to the first in what we hope will be a long and helpful line of themed editions of The Baptist Courier’s monthly magazine. The Courier will continue to report the news and tell the stories of Palmetto State Baptists as in the past, but several months each year, we hope to build the publication around topics that are relevant to life in the local church — issues related to the Bible, theology, ministry, culture, and Christian living.

Our goal is to give The Baptist Courier a longer and prominent place on our readers’ shelves and to help pastors and other church leaders, laypeople and local churches to grapple biblically with the issues of our day, many of which will remain until our Lord returns. By God’s grace, we hope to promote healthy church leaders, healthy Christians, a healthy denomination, and healthy churches to the glory of our great God.

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