Sister seeks brother, meaning in ‘Orphan Train’ story

“Charles Found at Last,” a new book release from Courier Publishing (116 pages, $14.95), is the true story of “Orphan Train” rider (the late) Dorothy Urch and her quest to find the brother she last saw as a baby.

As the story begins, five-year-old Dorothy waits on the platform of Grand Central Station, holding tightly to her older brother Buddy’s hand. Despite their mother’s love, Dorothy and Buddy find themselves among a group of children who are being taken by train to Iowa to live with new families. Charles, Dorothy’s baby brother, will leave town on a different train, heading toward a different family in a different state. Dorothy tries to understand why she and her brothers can no longer live with their mother.

Join the author as she recounts an idyllic life as the adopted daughter of a loving, hardworking farmer and his wife in Iowa. However, despite growing up in a happy home, she continues to wrestle with questions of God’s providence and whether she will ever see her younger brother again.

“Charles Found at Last” is available online wherever books are sold.