Legislative Update: The World Needs Peacemakers … Will Christians Step Up?

“Our nation is enveloped in a social and cultural revolution. We are shocked by the potential for anarchy in a land dedicated to democracy and freedom. There are ominous sounds of hate and violence among men and of unbelief and rebellion toward God. These compel Christians to face the social situation and to examine themselves under the judgment of God.”

That statement could have been written last week. But it was written during another tumultuous time characterized by hatred and division. It was the opening words of a statement adopted June 5, 1968, by 73 percent of the messengers to the SBC annual meeting in Houston, Texas. Democrat senator and presidential candidate Robert Kennedy lay dying in a Los Angeles hospital. More than 100 cities were still smoldering from the riots that followed the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The country was tearing itself apart with racial strife, anger and frustration over the Vietnam War, and with political divisions that were every bit as intractable as they are today.

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