Striking the Waters: An Invitation to Prayer

Dear Reader, allow me to invite you to a very special, convention-wide prayer gathering Monday night, Nov. 13, from 8:30–9:30 p.m. at Shandon Baptist Church in Columbia. We’ll sing a couple of songs, but this is not a praise and worship gathering. We’ll shake hands and give hugs, but this is not a fellowship gathering. We’ll have coffee and snacks in the lobby, but this is not a meal gathering. We’re going to pray. No bells. No whistles. Just Christ’s people on their knees and faces before God in heartfelt, focused, faith-filled prayer. Imagine with me our whole South Carolina Baptist family, packed into a single room to call out to God together. We need you there — pastors, deacons, associate staff, Sunday school teachers, and everyday Baptists alike.

On Nov. 13–14, 2023, messengers from South Carolina Baptist churches will gather at Shandon Baptist Church for worship, fellowship, decision making, and encouragement. I pray your congregation has already selected its messengers and is planning to send a full slate, along with a bus load of guests, to our annual meeting. Historically, the South Carolina Baptist Convention is just that — a convening. Invested, cooperating S.C. Baptists gather annually to agree on the big picture of our cooperative mission; to direct our shared mission investments; and to select officers, board members, and committee members who will supervise our missional engagement through the coming year. President Albert Allen of First Baptist Church, Newberry, has put together a moving and powerful convention program directing our hearts to the nations and calling us to go. I want to see you there.

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