When ‘Bottom Falls Out,’ author finds hope in words of Korah’s sons

Do you feel like the bottom has just dropped out on you? Author Jim Goodroe, a former missions strategist and a pastor for 50 years, offers some relevant and practical hope found in the psalms of Korah’s sons throughout his new book, “When the Bottom Falls Out: Redemption’s Greatest Story NEVER Told.”

“You, too, may feel hopeless from your fallout. You may see no help on the horizon. There may be no way you can envision your life turning around or anything you could see making a difference,” Goodroe writes. “But don’t give up hope. There’s a plot twist in our Bible story. A happy ending is tucked away in a later, obscure passage most readers have overlooked. … It is redemption’s greatest story never told. Its buried treasure can change your story when the bottom falls out on you.”

The account of Korah’s rebellion in Numbers 16 that led to the earth swallowing him and his family caught Goodroe’s fascination and became the subject of extensive investigation.

Yet, in the 12 psalms attributed to Korah’s sons, Goodroe uncovers some “spiritual gems” showing “how God is our refuge and strength.”

Fellow author and retired businessman Don Harper shares, “I love the format — the emphasis of the backstory; the motivation to battle back; the practical application steps.” Throughout the book, Goodroe “identifies many areas that the reader can quickly relate and remember times in their lives … where ‘the bottom has fallen out,’ ” Harper notes. “But Dr. Jim always inserts biblical suggestions to get back on course.”

Former missionary and retired professor Ruth McWhite agrees, “Jim teaches this story in such a way that discipleship is taking place in every chapter. He not only teaches the facts, but he gives opportunities for application all along the way.”

“When the Bottom Falls Out” (Courier Publishing, $14.95) is available online from major book outlets.