Send Relief videos show Baptist work in war-torn Israel

In the midst of the harrowing Israel-Hamas War, Baptist Village near Tel Aviv, Israel, stands as a beacon of resilience and compassion, dedicated to healing the wounds of displacement.

Send Relief is partnering with Baptist Village to provide physical and emotional support to those displaced by the war.

Baptist Village belongs to the Baptist Convention in Israel and was purchased by Baptists in 1946. But according to its website, today, most of its guests are not Baptist.

Baptist Village is “a conference, camp, and sports center,” the website says. “We have guest rooms, meeting places, sports areas and lawns. Our mission is to provide a gathering place for like-minded followers of Yeshua in Israel. In most cases, our guests are Messianic Jews and Evangelical Arab Israelis.”

In the last few weeks, Southern Baptist gifts have helped provide temporary housing, food, bomb shelters, shower units and even trauma counseling at Baptist Village.

In a series of videos recorded on site, Send Relief President Bryant Wright shows and describes some of the ways Baptists in Israel are helping. The videos show the inside of the housing tents, the shower facilities and more.

“There are all kinds of displaced people who have been forced to leave their homes and have no idea when they’ll return home or if they’ll be able to return home,” Wright says in one video. “Here, a family will be able to stay, and in the process, they will be able to experience the love of Jesus through the many people who are volunteering and serving here.”

In another video, recorded inside a donated bomb shelter, Wright says, “When the missiles go off here … they have 90 seconds to get in one of these bomb shelters. And almost every day since the war started, these people have needed to use these bomb shelters. And they need more.”

In yet another video, Wright talks with Herbie Gear, director of Baptist Ministries in Israel.

“We’re able to help relieve the pain of people being displaced,” Gear says. “Without Send Relief, we could do none of this. They’ve helped build this tent that we’re in. They’ve helped bring bomb shelters in so people can feel safe. They’ve helped rebuild the kitchen so people can send out meals.”

In each video, Wright thanks Southern Baptists for their generous support of Send Relief.

“What a wonderful opportunity in a desperately difficult time of need,” he says. “Think about how you personally can give to Send Relief so we can give to meet the needs of these people and show them the love of God in the person of Jesus Christ.

“It’s amazing how open they are to hear the Good News of Christ. That’s our ultimate prayer. May you join in praying with us as we seek to meet real physical and material needs of displaced people here in Israel.”

To view the videos or to donate to Send Relief efforts in Israel, go here.