Legislative Update: Gifts Under God’s Christmas Tree

The 125th South Carolina General Assembly will begin Tuesday, Jan. 9, and conclude Thursday, May 30. In between those two dates, members of the Assembly will propose, debate, pass, and vote down legislation that will affect the lives of nearly 5.2 million South Carolinians. In January, I will outline some of the legislative priorities that reflect resolutions passed by the South Carolina Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention. My advocacy will always be guided by the Word of God and the Baptist Faith and Message.

However, this month our hearts and minds are focused on the miraculous event known as the incarnation. God became a man embracing full humanity while retaining His divinity. Most of us will celebrate His coming by putting up a Christmas tree, decorated with lights and ornaments surrounded by gifts. As I was putting up my Christmas tree this year, the thought struck me: If God has a Christmas tree, what gifts would be found under the tree?

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