5 Bible Study Supplies to Enhance Your Bible Study

Let’s face it: Studying the Bible can be intimidating, especially if you aren’t very familiar with the Bible. But studying the Bible is a worthwhile effort. Still, Christians find plenty of reasons to not study their Bibles, but if you take some intentional steps, you can make the most of your Bible study.

If you’re setting out on digging into God’s Word for the first time, or even if you’re a seasoned student of the Bible, it can be helpful to have some Bible study supplies to help you highlight, track, and otherwise enhance your study of the Bible. Here are five supplies you may find helpful:

1. High-quality highlighters — Without a doubt, one of the most common ways you’ll want to engage with the Bible during your Bible study is by highlighting verses that the Lord uses to speak to you during your Bible reading time. Because Bible pages are often quite thin, you’ll want to be sure to get no-bleed highlighters.

2. Bible tabs — Are you new to studying the Bible? Perhaps you’ve even been reading your Bible for a long time, but you always have trouble keeping track of which books of the Bible are where. Bible tabs are a wonderful tool that help you keep track of books of the Bible. 

3. Sticky notes and flags — Maybe you’re the kind of Bible reader who doesn’t want to mark up your Bible. But, if you find you would still like to take notes on various passages and keep track of certain pages, a great option is sticky notes and flags.

4. No-bleed pens — Are you more of an underliner than a highlighter when it comes to wanting to mark a passage of Scripture that you’d like to remember? Perhaps you even have a journaling Bible that has lines in the margins for you to take notes. Like with highlighters, be sure to purchase pens that do not bleed through thin pages.

5. Journals — We could recommend plenty of other kinds of Bible study supplies, but we’ll stop with journals. Having a blank page open as you study invites you to reflect and respond to God as He speaks to you through His Word.

You Can’t Go Wrong

No matter whether you buy a bag full of supplies like the ones we’ve listed here or you do nothing but open your Bible and ask God to speak to you through it, you really can’t go wrong when you set out to read, meditate on, and study God’s Word.

— Chris Martin is a content marketing editor at Moody Publishers.