Courier Hires New Social Media Manager/Reporter

The Baptist Courier’s staff continues to grow and expand as the historic paper seeks to adapt to present media realities while also laying the foundation for a healthy future in an ever-changing Christian publishing market.

Mary Margaret Flook, 21, who graduated last month from North Greenville University with a bachelor’s degree in communications, joined the staff Jan. 2 as news writer and director of social media. Courier Editor and President Jeff Robinson said adding a young person savvy in social media was a must. “We saw an incredible opportunity with Mary Margaret’s skills, education, and background,” Robinson said. “She fills two of the Courier’s fundamental needs in one person and that’s hard to find. At The Courier, we want staff members who, first of all, love the Lord Jesus and have that visible in their daily lives, who are also energetic, hard-working, are committed to excellence, and are good at what the Lord has called them to do. Mary Margaret checks every box, so we’re thrilled to have her on our growing team.”

Flook first served at The Courier as an intern last summer. Flook and The Courier staff were a good fit from the beginning, said Chief Operating Officer Todd Deaton.

“She did an exceptional job for The Courier during her internship with us,” Deaton said. “Whether the work entails writing, editing, working on videos, or creating posts for social media, she exhibits both her Christian commitment and a skillfulness in communicating.

“We’re delighted she has decided to join The Courier. Her skills in social media are already proving to be a valuable and effective asset to The Courier’s ministry.”

Flook said she has seen God’s providential hand in leading her, first to NGU, then to The Courier.

“The Lord has definitely been sovereign over the steps that led me here,” she said. “I’m thankful for His grace in giving me this position at the start of a new year.”

A native of Tampa, Fla., Flook grew up with her five siblings on the mission field as her parents served in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Bolivia.

“Being a missionary kid makes you extra crazy,” she said. “Growing up, my parents engrained in all six of us kids that being different was a good thing. Through all the traveling and moving, I have learned to build relationships quickly, and I love meeting new people.

“One truth I carry with me is that the Lord is faithful. He always provided for my family on and off the mission field in crazy (and often ‘last minute’) ways. He continues to be abundantly faithful in my own life, which I totally don’t deserve.”

Flook is an avid runner, often launching out of The Courier’s office in the afternoon for a brisk run through downtown Greenville. She ran track and cross country in high school. Already, she has encouraged her Courier colleagues to take up running, but thus far, they’ve proven politely lukewarm toward the notion.

“I’ve been working on them to get their cardio on,” she said. “I haven’t succeeded — yet.”