Legislative Update: Release of WPATH Files Raises Urgency of Passing ‘Do No Harm’ 

H4624 — better known as the Do No Harm Act — has made its way through the Senate committee process. The next step will be the Senate Republican Caucus agreeing to set the bill for a special-order slot. All indications coming from Senate leadership suggest this will happen, but when it comes to protecting innocent children from the dangers of gender transition, we must remain vigilant.

The scientific community and LGBTQ+ advocates were rocked recently when Environmental Progress released its bombshell report revealing the deceptive practices of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). For those who may not be familiar with WPATH, they are reputed to be the leading scientific and medical organization devoted to transgender care. They are widely quoted and sourced in all media, by other scientific organizations, and by every LGBTQ+ advocate on the planet. WPATH claims to be at the forefront of gender medicine.

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