Striking the Waters: On the SCBaptist Disposition in Indianapolis 

On June 10–12, 2024, thousands of Southern Baptists will gather in Indianapolis for the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting. Hundreds of SCBaptists will be among them. My prayer is that the SCBaptist kind of cooperative spirit will prevail. SCBaptists can model a biblical disposition while influencing contemporary direction. Here are six appeals toward that end.

BE PRAYERFUL Whether or not you plan to attend the SBC, please make the convention’s meeting a matter of fervent prayer. There are many plans in men’s hearts, but our desire is that the purpose of the Lord will prevail (Prov. 19:21). Conversations abound. Some are persuasive arguments. Some are empty rhetoric. Some are meaningful dialogue. Some are pejorative exasperations. Wherever words are many, the most important conversation to be had is between each of us and God, who alone superintends our shared mission and is able to grant us success.

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