Outside the Walls: Keep Racing to the Finish Line

As I walk down the street today, I can hear the call to prayer ringing through the neighborhood in an unnamed city in North Africa. A cashier from a stand serving snacks excuses himself and places his rug toward Mecca and begins his ritualistic prayer. A college student turns down his radio out of respect. A father and son roam into the nearby mosque. But a group of students walking with backpacks prays in the streets with eyes wide open. We were sent by South Carolina Baptists.

I am with South Carolina college students funded by the Cooperative Program who are meeting new Muslim college friends eager to spend time with English-speaking natives. They will hear the gospel for the first time. We are assisting a full-time worker who has been here for a few decades. We are working alongside a former South Carolina student who spent the summer here. She, her husband and their newborn finish a three-year assignment and are preparing for a career as workers. They were raised up by South Carolina churches, mobilized by state workers, educated at our schools, and surrounded by infrastructure all funded by the Cooperative Program. All of this was made possible because a collection of churches made financial sacrifices to join other churches who cooperate together to support them.

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