Striking the Waters: A Unity of Purpose and Consecration 

On May 13, 1924, Southern Baptists from across the country gathered for their annual business session in Memphis, Tenn. Awakened to global opportunity, enlivened by organizational potential, unified by a burgeoning denominational consciousness, and determined to maximize their sacrifices in the most efficient manner, they leaned in with great expectation to hear Chairman M.E. Dodd’s report on behalf of the Future Program Commission.

Between May 1924 and May 1925, the trial run for the Southern Baptist Convention’s “Future Program” collected $7,072,234.84 for convention-wide causes to be dispersed through the new unified budget. While the results displayed great potential and denominational solidarity, receipts fell $428,000 (6 percent) short of the stated goal, an ominous reminder of the five-year, $75 Million Campaign’s collection shortfall only a few short months before. With the passion of the messengers behind him and the courage of unified purpose between them, Dodd’s exhortation rang throughout the hallways of the newly constructed Memphis auditorium:

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