Encouraging Trends of Global Christianity in 2022

Regardless of the situation in the United States, Christianity is growing around the world, especially in the global South, according to recently released analysis. The Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary regularly updates a report tracking statistics and trends of religion in general and Christianity specifically around the world. There […]

Most Americans see churches as helpful during pandemic

Many Americans found themselves in need as the COVID-19 pandemic caused significant loss of life, medical burdens and business closures. Most say local churches were helpful during this difficult season, but some didn’t see the aid congregations were offering. Nashville-based Lifeway Research found 53 percent of Americans say churches in their community have been helpful […]

Few Americans confident they could tell biblical Christmas story

Most people in America may hang Christmas decorations and exchange gifts on Dec. 25, but few say they could give all the details about the biblical Christmas story. A Lifeway Research study  finds 9 in 10 U.S. adults say they celebrate Christmas, including many non-Christians. Overall, 91 percent of Americans celebrate the Christmas holiday, unchanged […]

Almost All Churches Are Gathering Again in Person Now

More U.S. Protestant churches are gathering in person since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and pastors say most churchgoers have returned as well. Almost all U.S. Protestant pastors (98 percent) say their church met in person in August, according to a new Lifeway Research study. This marks the highest percentage of churches holding in-person services since […]

COVID-19 causes Rock Hill church to change its name

The pandemic forced churches across the country to make significant changes, but none were quite like the one at Stony Fork Community Church in Rock Hill, formerly known as Outbreak Church. After enduring the impact of COVID-19 like most every other congregation, Pastor Scott Carroll, along with the elders and staff of Outbreak Church, began […]

Most pastors say sexually abusive ministers should step down permanently

As Christian groups and denominations debate the proper response to clergy sexual misconduct (both child sexual abuse and adult sexual assault), most pastors believe those who commit such crimes should withdraw from public ministry permanently. At the recent Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting, the topic of pastoral sexual abuse and assault dominated much of the […]

Overall number of Protestant churches declines despite SBC growth

U.S. Protestant churches endured a difficult 2020, including starting the year with fewer congregations. In 2019, approximately 3,000 Protestant churches were started in the U.S., but 4,500 Protestant churches closed, according to estimates from Nashville-based LifeWay Research. The number of Southern Baptist churches, however, grew in both 2019 and 2020. Church plants totaled 588 in […]

Pastors value denominations now, not as sure about the future

As many Protestant denominations prepare to gather this summer for their national meetings, most pastors believe it is vital for their church to be part of a denomination but doubt the importance of those types of ties lasting another decade. A LifeWay Research study asked Protestant pastors their thoughts on the importance of denominations and […]

U.S. churchgoers say they’ll return post-COVID

Churchgoers aren’t attending yet at pre-pandemic levels, but most say they value gathering with their congregation and are anxious to do so when the threat of COVID-19 ends. A study of 1,000 Protestant churchgoers in the U.S. from LifeWay Research found that when COVID-19 is no longer an active threat to people’s health, 91 percent […]

Conspiracy theories prevalent in churches, new study finds

While Americans have been caught in a whirlwind of conspiracy theories the last several months, many pastors say they hear such unfounded claims from their church members. A new study from Nashville-based LifeWay Research finds 49 percent of U.S. Protestant pastors say they frequently hear members of their congregation repeating conspiracy theories they have heard […]