Fresh Ideas: Keep the Christmas Spirit!

It feels so wonderful how the spirit of Christmas adds oomph to life. We live in anticipation, and we’re even nice to strangers. We become quite intentional about giving to others. But after the big day, as we turn the calendar page to Dec. 26, does that Christmas spirit fade? As you pack up those […]

Guest Viewpoint: When Foster Kids Come to Church

“The Turners have a new foster child,” someone whispered. A wide-eyed 12-year-old walked into church beside the couple, and people began to welcome him. When God prompts someone in your church to foster a child, how will your church respond? Are the preschool, children’s and youth workers prepared? Will children include them? Will seniors and […]

Fresh Ideas: The 12 Days of Christmas

The fun begins on Dec. 14, and it’s better than turtledoves or maids a-milking! This 12 Days of Christmas project helps keep Christ as the focus of Christmas. Each day from Dec. 14-25, do one simple Christmas action project in Jesus’ name. With early preparation, most will take just a few minutes, but the impact […]

Guest Viewpoint: Refuge for Refugees

He’s right in front of you in the grocery line. She’s the new girl in your child’s school classroom. You’ve read about immigrants or refugees who are moving to your town but you’re not sure what to say or do. What is a correct Christian response to strangers in your community? When we see immigrants […]

Fresh Ideas: ‘Go … Mow’

Here’s one wildly successful ministry idea that happened last week. Living Faith Indy, a church plant in Indianapolis, loaded a trailer with a riding lawnmower, some push mowers, edgers, blowers and brooms. The group prayed, asking God’s direction for where to begin, then hauled the equipment to a nearby, neglected neighborhood near their church plant. […]

Behind the Desk and In Front of the World

It’s important to honor our administrative professionals She’s often the first person to represent your church when guests call or stop by. She (or he) works hard to assist your church’s leaders and members. She may be volunteer, part-time or full-time. Your church may have one or many. A good administrative assistant significantly impacts your […]

Guest Viewpoint: When Tears Arrive

You slowly hang up the phone and close your eyes. “Lord, use me!” you pray. “Help me know how to ease her pain.” When death comes to a member of your church or to an unchurched acquaintance, your acts of ministry can remind the bereaved of God’s love for them. The days between a death […]

Viewpoint: Clique. Un-clique.

“We’re a friendly church!” It’s a phrase heard regularly in most churches. Often, the more true statement is, “We’re really friendly with one another.” Is it possible that newcomers to your small group or your church perceive your sweet fellowship as cliquish? Answer this question: Do you function more as a social club or an […]

Fresh Ideas: The Aroma of Christmas

What’s the best Christmas scent? Is it cinnamon? Pine? Nutmeg? No, it’s much better than those! The “aroma of Christ” is something every Christian spreads like a sweet perfume. Read carefully: “But thanks be to God, who always puts us on display in Christ and through us spreads the aroma of the knowledge of Him […]

Fresh Ideas: A Hashtag Thanksgiving

Try this simple, fun way to inspire church members to give thanks to God this Thanksgiving season. Use it for your entire church, or adapt it to fit a Bible study group or family Thanksgiving celebration. Step 1:  Use white, legal-size card-stock paper to print a sign with huge black letters reading “#ThankYouGod.” (The hashtag […]