First Person: A Low View of Pastors

A recent Gallup survey had some very bad news for pastors — and, by extension, for the church in America. In the survey, only 34 percent rated the honesty and integrity of pastors as very high. Among respondents under age 30, the rate was a much lower 20 percent. These numbers are the lowest since […]

Guest Viewpoint: Simple Questions

The American church has never been more analyzed and categorized, with predictions galore about where it’s headed, what it’s becoming, how it needs to change, and whether it is growing, plateaued or declining. It’s easy to get lost in all this and decide the health of our own local church more intuitively — basically, do […]

Veterans Day: A Navy Wife

While speaking for a leadership training event at a church near a military base, I spoke with a woman who described herself as a “Navy wife.” When I commented on how tough that life must be, she replied, “Not at all. It’s a great life. My husband is protecting America and stomping out evil around […]