Decline in SBC baptisms being studied by pastors’ task force

The North American Mission Board is convening a national Pastors’ Task Force on Evangelistic Impact & Declining Baptisms to address the continued decrease in baptisms among Southern Baptist churches. The group’s first meeting was Sept. 18 in Nashville. The 2012 Annual Church Profile reported a drop of 5.52 percent in the number of baptisms in […]

Chaplains prepare for military service

Southern Baptists have a profound influence on the nation’s military chaplaincy, both in practice and development. With more than 1,400 chaplains, Southern Baptists have more endorsed chaplains serving in the U.S. military than any other denomination or faith group. Yet their influence does not only come from sheer numbers, but also from the character of […]

Military chaplains reach into ‘incredible array’ of settings

As thousands of troops continue coming home from Afghanistan, July 4 can provide a special opportunity for churches to honor veterans and their families for their service during the nation’s 12-year combat deployment in the wake of 9/11. That opportunity, notes chaplain Doug Carver, a retired major general and executive director for chaplaincy services for […]