The Charleston Way: The First Southern Baptist Confession of Faith

Northerners have been moving south for centuries. They come seeking a new life and new opportunities. Such was the case with a group of Baptists from Maine more than 300 years ago. Pastor William Screven and some of his congregants, looking to cash in on a strong shipbuilding economy, arrived in Charleston in 1696. As […]

‘Lord, Teach Us To Pray’

I love listening to how others pray and what they say. The language they use reflects their understanding of God. Some refer to God as “Father,” reflecting a profound sense of intimacy. Others approach Him as “Sovereign God” or “Lord,” suggesting a healthy dose of respect. Unfortunately, the prayers of some reveal how little they […]

Worldview: Books That Are Our Friends (or Should Be)

“Tolle lege. Tolle lege.” The sing-song words echoed in his ears: “Take and read. Take and read.” And read, he did. Augustine picked up his copy of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans and read. What he read changed what he believed. The Bible has a way of doing that: changing lives. As Baptists, […]

A Reason for Faith, and a Faith for Reason

When the Pharisees challenged Jesus on the meaning of the Law, Jesus answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” (Matthew 22:37). Jesus drew these words from the Law itself. Interestingly, He summarized the content of the Law by expounding upon […]

Christian Worldview and Apologetics: The Great Commission for Us

There are certain Bible verses most evangelical Christians know. There’s John 3:16. Who doesn’t know about how God so loved the world? The mere mention of John 3:16 brings “amens,” fells giants and ends all theological debate. Genesis 1:1 has that power, too. “In the beginning God created” … and we’ve been quoting it ever […]