In Your Interest: What motivates you to give?

What motivates you to give? Let’s say that you are watching TV one evening and you see a commercial that shows a hungry child. You are drawn into that scene, and cannot easily forget it. You are moved into action, and make a contribution to the sponsoring organization. You can reasonably assume that you are […]

In Your Interest: Finding Extra Cash

Looking for ways to begin a savings account? There are several opportunities you may have right now that you can take advantage of. First of all, did you get a raise this year? If so, congratulations! The economy is slowly on the upswing, and many are seeing an increase in their paychecks. Before you make […]

In Your Interest: Children’s Inheritance

Many people today look forward to retirement, and are working hard to save money for that day. Hopefully, you will retire with plenty to live on, and not have to worry about depleting your savings during your lifetime. If that is the case, then your children will stand to inherit a nice sum of money, […]

In Your Interest: Reverse Mortgage

There are a lot of commercials on television regarding reverse mortgages. They are promoted as a great way for homeowners with little or no debt on their home to be able to supplement their income for the rest of their lives by using their home equity. They have come a long way from when they […]

In Your Interest: Estate Planning — What Is It?

Have you ever received an invitation to a free lunch or dinner from a financial institution, encouraging you to listen to their presentation on estate planning? You probably thought it wasn’t worth your time, because only wealthy people need estate plans. Actually EVERYONE needs one. So what is an estate plan anyway? It is a […]

In Your Interest: Crazy Tax Deductions

Have you filed your tax return yet? Hopefully you have, or at least filed an extension. Maybe you are still looking for things that you can deduct. If so, you might want to consider what others have tried to deduct in the past. CNN Money recently published a list of “crazy” tax deductions. Here are a […]

In Your Interest: Did Mom File Her Tax Return?

Do you know if your mom filed her tax return? The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants wrote an article a while back outlining the importance of being aware of our parents’ mental health — more specifically, their financial capacity. Financial capacity is an individual’s ability to independently manage his or her financial affairs. Even […]

In Your Interest: Stock Donation to Your Church

This is the time of year when we gather information to prepare our tax returns. Many individuals are able to deduct gifts to charity. One of the best gifts you can give to your church or other charity is stock or other marketable security that has increased in value since you purchased or inherited it. There […]

In Your Interest: Make Your Will Month

It’s that time of year again when new goals are set and things seem to “start over.” While you are setting goals for yourself, consider setting one that will benefit you and your family – getting your estate planning in order. Planning starts with having an updated will. January is typically “Make Your Will” month, […]

In Your Interest — Christmas Gift: Peace of Mind

What is the best gift you ever received at Christmas? Maybe it was something you received as a child, like the bicycle you were dreaming about, or maybe it was a special announcement from a loved one, like an upcoming birth of a child. Whatever the case, the Christmas holiday season is a time when […]